Red Ball 4


Welcome to our Red Ball Fan Site !

We opened this website so you can enjoy all Red Ball games too. This game series is popular worldwide. Believe it or not, millions around the world already played this game. “Red Ball” is known and recognized in hundreds of different countries !

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Your goal is to help the red ball reach the end of each level – as quickly as possible. Try to collect as many stars as you can along the way. You will encounter different obstacles. Some of them will be very hard to overcome. Try to eliminate them quickly. The first levels are fairly simple and easy to complete. The following levels (and there are many of them !) won’t be so easy.. So, be ready !

On our website you will find the whole series of the Red Ball games. If you never played Red Ball before, we highly recommend starting with Red Ball 4. This game is challenging, yet exciting and fun. In my opinion – it’s the best game from the series. So many fun challenges !

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If you like our website (and the Red Ball games of course) – please share it with your friends. Let them play – and let’s see who becomes the “Red Ball Master”.

The Red Ball 1 game, as well as the other games in series is great for kids, but adults will enjoy it as well – especially the newer, Red Ball 3 and Red Ball 4.

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We will keep updating our website. If a new Red Ball game will be released, we will make sure you will be able to play it here for free as well ! So, bookmark our website and visit it from time to time :)