Red Ball 4 Volume 1

If you enjoy playing online games that are related to puzzles then the Red Ball 4 will be an apt game for you. In this game, you need to make the red ball reach its mission after crossing several hurdles on the way. It is an interesting game that can be played by kids as well as adults. Your main mission in the game is to save the world from turning into a square.

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The game consists of 15 tricky and interesting levels, which will keep you captivated to your screens. The controls of the game are simple. You need to make use of the arrow keys for movement of the red ball. The Up arrow key or the Space bar can be used for Jumping.

There are several gold stars that you can collect in the game. It is an inspiring game for kids as they can learn better. There are numerous achievements available in the game that you can earn as you keep progressing. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Running Jump Star: On Level 3, you can take the star after the springboard.
  • Pitfall: On Level 4, you can kill the enemy box in the pitfall.
  • Laid out: After reaching Level 6, you can squash the enemy box with the cart.
  • Hammer of Justice: With this achievement, you can knock the enemy box off the edge with the help of the hammer.
  • Risky Star: At Level 10, you can take the star over the large gap.
  • At a Blow: On reaching Level 12, you can kill both the enemy boxes with a big stone.
  • Clever Player: Pass on the logic puzzle on the beginning of the Level 13 with this achievement.
  • Boss Loss: At reaching Level 15, you can kill the boss enemy.
  • Gored to Death: Die from an enemy box Ram attack with this achievement.
  • Bronze Cup: Get 5 bronze medals.
  • Silver Cup: Get 10 silver medals.
  • Gold Cup: You can unlock this achievement after earning 15 Gold medals.
  • Diamond Cup: Collect all achievements.
  • Scuba Ball: This achievement will let you drown five times on a single level.
  • Hold on: Fall of an edge for 5 times on a single level.
  • Risky Star: You can take star over the large gap on Level 10.
  • Dead Loop: On Level 11, you can pass the roller coaster dead loop.

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The game is easy to play! However, the little gamers might find difficulty in crossing the tricky levels. So, to make their game simpler, here are some tips that they could use:

  • Keep collecting as many stars as possible that are scattered in each level of the game.
  • Jump on the square evils or the bad blocks to kill them instantly.
  • Make use of the stones or boxes available in each level to climb over the hills.
  • Once you are able to hoist the flag, you will reach the new level of the game.

So, are you ready to get all Gold medals? Start playing the Red Ball 4 Volume 1 online game right away!