Red Ball 4 Volume 3

If you are looking for a fun game that can keep you busy for few days, then the Red Ball 4 Volume 3 will be an appropriate game for you. In this game, you need to save the small red ball from the evil squares and make it reach its goal. The game consists of 15 entertaining and unique levels. Some of these levels are easy while others are a bit tricky.

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It is a very simple game to play that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults. The game does not contain violence or vulgarity, so it can be enjoyed by younger children too. Controlling the red ball is simple. You need to use the Arrow keys or the WASD keys to move the ball. The Up Arrow key or the Space key has to be used for making the ball Jump. The ‘P’ key can be used to Pause the game.

The Red Ball 4 Volume 3 is an interesting game to play. There are 16 achievements that you can gain on the way to the different levels. These achievements have been discussed below:

  • Almost Dead: On Level 3, you can escape the laser ray.
  • Perfect Balance: When you reach Level 4, you can pass the chain balance.
  • Disassemble Belt: On reaching Level 5, you can kill all enemies on the belt.
  • Doodle Robot: Run away from the robot box on Level 7.
  • Undue Risk: On reaching Level 9, take the star above the punch presses.
  • Button Traps: You can pass the button-activated punch presses on Level 10.
  • Unsafe Chain: When you reach Level 12, you can pass the chain-breaking trolleys.
  • Deadly Thanks: This achievement will let you kill the helpful enemy box on Level 14.
  • Boss Loss: On reaching Level 15, you can kill the boss enemy.
  • Boom Box: Die from the enemy box explosion.
  • Burned Down: You can die from the laser 5 times on a single level.
  • Mortal Blow: On a single level, you can die from the punch press for 5 times.
  • Bronze Cup: Will let you get 5 Bronze medals.
  • Silver Cup: It will let you get 10 Silver medals.
  • Gold Cup: In this achievement, you can get 15 Gold Medals.
  • Diamond Cup: Collect all achievements.

>> Click Here To Play Red Ball 4 Volume 3 <<


Listed below are some important aspects that you should know before you start playing your game. These factors will help in making your game simpler:

  • You should try to collect all the stars that are available in each level. This will enhance your scores.
  • Passing the tricky laser beams will be tough. So, make sure that you wait for some time, think, and then plan your next step.
  • Jump over the evil squares to kill them or just avoid them completely by passing over them. It will help you in saving your lives.

So, get ready to make the Red Ball reach its checkpoints by going through a deadly environment that is filled with obstacles. You are surely going to enjoy the entire session! Happy gaming!